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This page gathers a selection of events that happened in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The WoDEF was founded in 2016 by Swiss animal liberation group PEA - Pour l'Égalité Animale (For Animal Equality). Please help spread the word and rally more groups around the planet. For the fishes!

WoDEF 2020

In 2020, most actions planned for public spaces were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. An appeal by PEA  and by the team of international coordinators meant that there was nevertheless a huge amount of support, in the form of the sharing of photos of original placards demanding the abolition of fishing made by activists who, though confined in their homes, were determined not to allow this important date to pass unnoticed. Thanks to all of you for this impressive collection of 200 slogans. The message is clear:  fishing and fish farming must be abolished!

Let's get together in 2021 for an even stronger and more far-reaching WoDEF!


WoDEF 2019

In 2019, 18 countries on 4 continents organized about 120 actions for aquatic animals! Here is a retrospective in photos and videos.

Selection of videos of 2019 actions

Fribourg, Switzerland

São Paulo, Brazil

Selection of pictures of 2019 actions

WoDEF 2018

Participating towns

Brussels (Belgium), Melbourne and Geelong (Australia), Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Windsor and Winnipeg (Canada), Ulm, Aalen, Bielefeld, Göttingen, Chemnitz, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Köln, Hannover, Würzburg, Nürnberg, Osnabrück, Koblenz, Bremen, Flensburg, Munster, Heidelberg and Lübeck (Germany), Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lille, Amiens, Montpellier, Besançon and Valence (France), David (Panama), Milano, Modena (Italy), Lausanne (Switzerland), Stockholm, Helsingborg, Göteborg and Malmö (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Baltimore, Honolulu, Fort Lauderdale, Asheville, Boston, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Oakland, Richmond, San Luis Obispo, Charlotte, Dallas, Fresno, Monterey, La Jolla, Louisville, Milwaukee, New York, Raleigh, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Pueblo (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brasil), Copenhagen (Danemark), Mexico City (Mexico), Belfast and London (UK), Pune (India).

Selection of videos of 2018 actions

DxE (Vancouver)

DxE (London)

DxE (London)

Vegan Impact (Paris)

PETA (San Diego)

DxE (London)

Espacio Público TV

PEA - Pour l'Égalité Animale (Lausanne)

DxE (Lübeck)

Selection of pictures of 2018 actions

And back in 2017...

2017 was the first year of the WoDEF. Events were held, among others, in the following locations: Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland), Brussels, Namur and Charleroi (Belgium), Paris, Valence, Lyon, Lille, Montpellier, Saint-Malo and Rennes (France), Toronto and Montréal (Canada), Stuttgart, Vogelsberg, Siegen, Hannover, Göttingen, Hamburg and Berlin (Germany), Lisboa (Portugal), Tel Aviv and Haïfa (Israel), Melbourne (Australia), San Diego and Monterey Bay (USA).