WoDEF - The World Day for the end of Fishing calls for the abolition of fishing and fish farming.

Fish, crustaceans and cephalopods are at the heart of the WoDEF's concerns, since they constitute the biggest proportion of animals killed by humans, amounting to thousands of billions of victims each year. Launched in 2017 in Switzerland by the association PEA - Pour l'Égalité Animale, the WoDEF is now used by associations all around the world to raise awareness about aquatic life, among the public as well as within other animal-rights associations. Read the WoDEF's demands in detail.

Discover all WoDEF 2019 actions


Lausanne | 30.03 Protest (details to come)


Lima | 30.03 Action


São Paulo | 30.03 Action


Sidney | 30.03 Action


Nice | 30.03 Action
Paris | 29.03 Lecture


Bielefeld | 30.03 Demonstration


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And back in 2018...

More than 70 cities in 17 different countries took part in the World Day for the End of Fishing on March 24, 2018. Check out our page Previous editions for pictures and videos.