Taking part in the campaign

Every individual, every organization is invited to take part in the World Day for the End of Fishing by organizing events - online too!.

You can:

  • Organize protests and other mediatized public events (activist happenings, conferences, exhibitions, publications, leafleting, information tables, etc.)
  • Contribute to the campaign by creating an artwork about the “aquatic question” whether you are a singer, musician, sculptor, graphic designer, drawing artist, painter, video maker, choreographer, dancer, cook, youtuber, actor, standup comic, etc.
  • Search and share articles and videos in order for the subject to reach social media
  • Publicize the campaign (on social media, in vegetarian, vegan, animal rights and environmentalist communities)
  • Help us financially : for now, PEA - Pour l'Egalité Animale association in Switzerland deals with the logistics surrounding the campaign, (creating the website, producing activist media like leaflets and exhibitions, and contacting other associations). Any financial help is useful.
  • Invest time in the campaign: spreading the word on social media, helping us in translations, office work, etc. All volunteer work is welcome!

Contact us : info[at]end-of-fishing.org